Biking in Hanoi : Cycle to Thanh Chuong Viet Palace and Soc Son temple (one day)

biking to But Thap pagoda and Dong Ho painting village (one day)The one day Biking in Hanoi takes you to the north-western of Hanoi where you enjoy a cycling experience and visiting Thanh Chuong Viet palace and Soc Son temple. Begin the tour with a short walk from your hotel to our bike store (optional). Then you will be transferred by car to the other side of the red river, the rural Hanoi. Cycling along the Duong dyke, through local farming villages, rice fields until you reach the Thanh Chuong Viet Palace. Visit the site, enjoy your lunch then continue cycling to Soc son temple. You mostly cycle on paved roads. The tour is customized for small groups, family holidays, travel with kids and active travelers loving a fun and dynamic trip to the outskirts of Hanoi. Contact Lotussia Travel for more details.

7:00 am you will be met up with Lotussia Travel guide at your hotel in Hanoi (please inform us your hotel name upon your confirmation). After a short briefing about the bike, gears and the biking trail, you will be transferred by our support vehicle to the other side of the Red River.
You will be dropped off at the Duong riverside where you will begin your day adventure. You will cycle along the dyke, pass by rice fields and rural villages.

You will keep cycling until you reach the Viet Place Thanh Chuong in Soc Son.  This is a private residence of the Vietnamese artist, Thanh Chuong. The residence/museum is open in 2001 on an area wide 10.000m2. This is a cultural and traditional ancient house with thousands of artifacts, antiques from the Dinh – Ly – Tran – Le dynasty … are arranged in a cultural space – special spiritual identity.

Visiting the residence/museum will help you know more Vietnamese culture. Lunch will be provided in a local restaurant or in the house, depending on the availability.
In the afternoon, we continue our cycle to Soc Son Temple, which was built from around 980 Le dynasty restored thirteen times, but It still keep  the traditional architectural style. The temple is located on a spacious land with beautiful scenery between the immense trees and a clear space. You may want to climb up to the top of the mountain where is located the biggest Buddha statue. Buddha Statue weight 20 tons of bronze and height 8,4m.

After visiting the site, you will be picked up again by Lotussia vehicle and transferred back to Hanoi. The end of Lotussia Travel service.
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About Thanh Chuong Viet Palace:

From the center of Hanoi, about 40 kilometers heading to Day Dieu Slope in Hien Ninh Commune, Soc Son District, an old cultural complex called Viet Phu Thanh Chuong or Thanh Chuong Viet’s Palace is a familiar name for those who love to discover Vietnamese culture. The complex wears breaths of immemorial time blanketing houses, antiques and surrounding trees.

This architectural structure was initially the home and studio of Thanh Chuong, one of the celebrated painters in contemporary Vietnamese art.

About Soc Son temple:

Soc temple complex lies on the Soc Son mountain (Phu Ma or Ve Linh Mountain) which belongs to the Ma range in the Tam Dao curve, now in Phu Linh hamlet, Soc Son district, Hanoi. It has been said that this is the holy place of the Tam Dao range.

The Soc temple consists of Upper temple, Lower temple and Mother temple. Among them, the Upper temple is the center and also the most important structure in the complex. The temple was built long ago, under the reign of Le Dai Hanh (10th century) and then reconstructed many times. The temple architecture is in shape of Chinese character “Cong”. In the temple, there is a artifical mountain with Saint Giong, genies and captains on it. According to the legend, this statue was erected long ago and featured with three elements Heaven - Soil - Wood. Surface of the statue is made of limestone and frame inside made of Chinese Eaglewood Wood - wood taken from the tree on which Saint Giong left his outfit before returning to Heaven.


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