Cycling - A New Trend in Hanoi

Cycling hobby appeared in Hanoi about two years ago. At present, it has become a popular hobby of many Hanoians. Every morning or late afternoon, “landscapes” in the city such as the Hoan Kiem Lake, the West Lake, the road around the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Lenin Park become the destinations of cyclists.

Bikes are back on the streets of the capital, but not because of the hard life in the past, as it was in the memories of many people, but a hobby.

On the weekend, bicycle enthusiasts dress like professional cyclists and pedal in groups of 10-15 people. Many of them are women. Many bike enthusiasts participate in clubs or groups to exchange and share the passion.

Along with the boom of cycling is the rise of bike rental services. Bicycle rental shops mushroom around the West Lake, Thanh Nien Road, Hoang Hoa Tham Street. They have a lot of clients, especially on weekends. Accessories such as lights, helmet, etc. are also lent by bike rental shops.

When one is “addicted” to this hobby, he will not hesitate to buy for himself a bike. Men often “race” to buy super bikes that are priced several hundreds to several thousands of USD. They also spend a lot of money to buy accessories and upgrade their “iron horses”. Some men buy accessories to assembly their own bikes. Women are less picky than men. They only need the bikes that look stylish and strong.

Bike enthusiasts have many different reasons to come and stick with this hobby. The first reason is probably to exercise. For women, the most visible benefit of cycling is to keep them in shape.

Not only improving health, cycling is an exciting activity because cyclists can share the experience with their friends and families.

For many, cycling is also a slow lifestyle. Experiencing the Hanoi streets or traveling by bike and relaxing themselves in nature are also a way to feel the meaning and the beauty of life.

For some people, cycling is a useful way to protect the environment. Coming to cycling for different reasons, different purposes, but the bike lovers in Hanoi have created a movement, a new beauty for the capital city.


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