Hanoi Bicycle Rental

Search for Hanoi bicycle rental, rent a bike in Hanoi, Hanoi bike rental service? We have hybrid bikes for rent in Hanoi. Options include Trek bicycle and Giant anyroad bikes are highly recommended for a safe and pleasant Hanoi bike tour.

We have different bicycles for your all your travel needs including mountain bikes for mountain biking travel, road bicycles for easy bicycle touring, and small bicycles for kids as well.

We don’t recommend you hiring the most expensive bicycles we have in our bicycle store. But we recommend you choosing the most suitable bicycle based on your tour itinerary and your budget.

If you book a short, fun bicycle trip, we provide day bicycle tours in and around Hanoi. These short bicycle trips are customized in the way you will experience the other life of the Hanoian people. Most of the one-day cycling tours are arranged around Hanoi city center. You will be transferred by our support vehicle to the site where you will enjoy biking. Booking these trips, classic road bicycles are highly recommended. Using classic road bicycles will save money since the cost of hiring these bicycles is lower than the mountain bicycles. Besides, there is no need to bring the bicycles from Hanoi. This also helps you to save money as well.

Mountain bicycles are advised for long bicycle ride. You should rent mountain bicycle when you book long cycling tour. If you have your own bicycles, then the bicycle rental fees will be deducted from the tour cost. Please contact our team for the bicycle availability and the most updated bicycle rental cost.

Contact us for more details.